Onsite Support

As Island Energy we are proud to provide you with high quality products from different brands that carry quality and durability standards for many years worldwide, however, we strengthen our quality of products by being in close support that includes: Installation, commissioning and testing. After that we offer our warranty on the best working solution because your satisfaction is our goal.

Service Centre

Our service centre provides up to date mechanical and electrical solutions plus spare parts replacement to guarantee the flawless work of our products. Our technicians are certified from our agents to carry on proper maintenance and repair work. Furthermore, we provide full maintenance to your existing machinery and equipment, this would create the ultimate working solution for your machinery to provide new equipment and update and customize the existing, enabling your company to fulfill operational goals.

Domestic Water Management Demands

Industrial Water Management and Transfer Demands

Agricultural water Management Demands
Thanks to Island Energy in our work is much easier to deliver quality solutions to our customers. The Island Energy suite helps to provide a professional look of our applications and improve the functionality over the traditional controls. We have been using Island Energy's products for over 4 years and will continue for much longer. Cheers!

Victor Alameda
Chief Executive Officer
Smart Advanced Solutions, S.A. de C.V.
Headquarters Bahrain Branch
Shop No. 1315G
Road No. 424
Block 704 Salmabad
PO Box 80632 Sanad
Tel. 0097317700250
Fax. 0097317756747
Headquarters Saudi Arabia Branch
31516 King Saud Street (Toyota)
PO Box 63535
Tel. 0096638176300
Fax. 0096638175379

Omar Al Mukhtar Str. (Al Rail)
Tel. 0096614033488